Healthcare matters recruitment

About the Training


Training Provided

•Diversity, equality, and inclusion Training.

• Safeguarding Adults

• Safeguarding Children

• Ethical values in Health and social care.

• Dementia.

• Person centered care.

• Effective Communication and Interpersonal Skills.

• Important Human Rights Laws and Legislation in Health and Social Care: Human Rights Act 1998., Equality Act 2010., National Midwifery and Nurses Council Code of Conducts 2015/2018 Etc.

• This training is a total package of 20 hours of virtual teaching slated for one week.

• Assessment by multiple-choice questions of the simple threshold of 50 percent pass mark.

• Certificate issued for successful candidates who passed the assessment.

• Certificate of participation equally issued to every participant.

• Resit of the assessment for an unsuccessful candidate is free in case of a second attempt.

• Candidate who failed the assessment twice can re-enroll for the course with the full course fee.

Course Fees. 160,000