Healthcare matters recruitment

Course Curriculum


Healthcare Matter Essential Training for Health Care Assistants (HCA) and Support Workers.


-Personal Care and Manual Handling.

Benefits for participants after the training

• The participants will learn about how to provide personal care fostering respect, dignity, privacy, rights Etc for service users.

• Participants will learn key methods of providing personal care with both manual and equipment that is safe for both the service user and the health care assistant.

• Participants will understand more about why Personal care should be needs-based and geared at preserving people's independence for as long as possible.

-Effective Communication and Interpersonal skills

Benefits of the training for participants include learning how to:

• Prevent mistakes and errors that may be costly and even fatal

• Ensure safe, effective, and efficient delivery of Care

• Ensure the satisfaction of the service user and every stakeholder

• Prevent conflict in the work environment

• Continuously improving the Quality of Care

-Exploration will be made by looking at:

• What is care work?

• What is communication?

• Different types of communication?

• Why is communication important?

• How can you communicate with the service user and your colleagues?

• How poor communication can affect quality of care and also lead to conflict at work.

-Ethical Values in Health and Social Care.

Benefits after training:

• Learner will be able to differentiate personal values from organisational Values

• The participant will have a deeper understanding of core ethical principles guiding health and social care.

-The focus and exploration will be on:

• What is Ethics?

• What are Values?

• What are the ethical values in health and social care and why are they very important for carers and the service users?.

• How are ethical issues handled when they conflict with own values.

- The training will also cover.

- Person-Centered Care.

- Safeguarding adults in Care.

- Dementia.

- Health and safety at work.

- Complaint Handling Awareness.

- Risk Assessment\Lifting of Service users.

- Lone Working.

- Handling Patient Information.

- Violence and Aggression Awareness.

- Diversity, Equality and Inclusion.



- Basic Handling of Medication .

- Overview on Coronavirus.

- Food Hygiene.

- Mental Health Act & DOLS.

- Health And Safety LAW.

Course Fees. 160,000